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How to Write a Biography

A biography is the story of someone’s life. Short biographies tell the interesting facts about someone and the things they’ve done, but it can be difficult to know what to include. Whether it is for a school project or a wedding speech, we’ve got a formula you can follow for success.

Open with an ice-breaker, referring to your subject:

Grace. What can I say about Grace? 

Start with a relevant basic fact about the person, for example their career: 

Full time lawyer, part time rapper. 

Be informative about a significant life event: 

It was a pity her debut single “Bitches Moles Titties” was labelled an international humanitarian crisis, alongside the refugees in Sudan. It’s line ‘Bitches yo titties mole’s in da club, tightarse swagger see me lawyer yo ass, Tupac who, I iz got all the class’ accompanied by the dance moves ‘pelvis circle, arm pump across face, arm pump across face, high kick, thrust thrust hump’ was universally rejected, incidentally assisting tensions between Israel and Palestine as the citizens united in bewildered disgust.

Elaborate on how this event made the person noteworthy:

The video clip, filmed in her little brother Joe’s room and featuring a cap worn backwards and Grace’s red Scotch track pants, was banned in 47 countries (including Puerto Rico, but excluding the Vatican, where, in a surprising turn of events, it has been a steady No.2 on the charts, behind ‘Lord, You’re Flocking Kidding Me’, and is the Pope’s ringtone).

Discuss how this event impacted on your subject’s life:

Unfortunately, Grace has an addictive personality, and lost most of her profits at the hound track (in a drastic and unprecedented move she put three quarters of her earnings on her pug Leo for the win, a daring strategy given that he is both fat and was not entered in the race). 

With the remaining quarter of her $12, Grace parked in the city for 50 minutes. 

Did he or she overcome obstacles? Take risks? 

Grace overcomes obstacles every day of her life, as her house’s front door is blocked by a dumpster, a trolley, an art easel, and a hobo. She takes risks in leaving her trolley and art easel outside with the hobo. 

If able to, get a personal comment from someone in their life:

(mumbed) “Fuckin number 13 leaving all her shit in my area all you government workers smell like mouthwash and burning rubber if I didn’t have this strainer on my head so they don’t probe me I’d get up and … (fades out)” - Kenny, Grace’s hobo

Conclude your biography by bringing your readers/audience up to date with the subject’s current situation:

Grace spends her spare time at the park, throwing thongs at kids’ heads. 

And voila! Biography done, they will be just thrilled with your efforts.